Straddle arm balance can be quite challenging.
When I started practicing arm balances I often felt like my butt was too heavy, and my feet anchored to the floor.
These two exercises, using ankle weights, will help you to feel your core, and let’s be honest, once you take them off you feel light as a feather.

Exercise 1
Legs open in a 120° angle
Place the hands in front of you, press down the palms
Sitting bones grounded
Inhale lift the legs up
Exhale Lower the legs down
Repeat X 10 times

Exercise 2
Legs open in a 120° angle
Place on Yoga block in the outer side of your foot
Inhale lift the leg up, round the block
Exhale, lower the leg on the other side
Inhale, come back to the starting position
Repeat 5 to 10 times for each leg