Desk jobs can be back killer!
So, It doesn’t matter how much work you have to do, take little breaks every couple of hours.

Exercise 1
Roll back and forth on a foam roller 10 times.
If you don’t have a foam roller yet, you should. It is such a versatile prop.

Exercise 2
Relax on the foam roller for 10 long breaths, let the gravity work for you.

Exercise 3
Take a wooden stick
Inhale, push the stick up
Exhale, pull the stick down, behind the head. Feel the chest opening.
Repeat X 10 times

Exercise 4
Inhale, push the stick above the head
Exhale, lower the stick with a round movement behind the back
Inhale, come back up and Exhale lower it in front of you.
Repeat X 10 times

Exercise 5
Gentle shoulders twist
Repeat both sides 10 breathe each

Exercise 6
Any puppy pose variation
Breathe ☓ 10 times

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