Tick Tocks using the wall

Hi Guys,

Let’s be honest, I am not an handstander, not even close, however, I love playing around, and this is a very fun exercise that you can do safely on your own.

It really helped me in my handstand tick Tock journey.

Step 1
Face the wall in a forward fold

Step 2
Kick up to handstand
Place right foot on the wall

Step 3
Walk down the wall with your feet
Gaze between your hands

Step 4
Both feet on the floor
Calm down, and recenter
If needed take a few breaths here

Step 5
Walk up the wall with right foot

Step 6
Bring the left leg into a half tuck

Step 7
Extend the left leg forward
Right leg pushes gently forward
And come back to forward fold facing the wall

Repeat the other side