Exiting tutorial today.

I started practicing using the straps this way in January and in a few months I have already had tremendous progress. (see the slides)


▪️Straight arms. If you can’t straighten the arms let the strap be longer

▪️Puff up the chest filling the lungs with air

▪️Hips tilted, like in cow pose

▪️Belly in

▪️Deep compression of the middle back

▪️Lift the knee cups

▪️Legs straight and together. Whenever we perform backbends we need to learn to keep our legs next to each other. Like in king cobra, have you ever seen a serpent with two legs?
Train your body to bend this way

Repeat all the exercises or choose the one that feels better to you and hold the pose for at least 15 breaths. Observe what happens to your body and try to sink even deeper.