Guys let me tell you, I am obsessed with shoulder openers. I spend lots of time working at my computer and it feels like heaven opening my chest after a long day at the office.

Here 3 wonderful exercise you can do every day. You can find Yoga Wheels everywhere on the internet, there are for all price ranges. From 20$ to 150$

Exercise 1
Child’s pose with a Yoga wheel
Yoga wheel in front of you
Place the hands on the yoga wheel
Exhale, lower the chest toward the floor
Long spine
Belly in
Breathe x 10 times

Exercise 2
Rollback and forth in a sort of Fish Pose shape
Inhale, back
Exhale, forth
Repeat x 10 times

Exercise 3
Rollback and forth holding on the edges of the wheel
Try to touch the floor with your head and elbows
Repeat x 10 times