The key to healthy BackbendS is a flexible pelvic floor. A specific part of our body that is often forgotten, and under stretch
So here 4 lovely stretches for you

Exercise 1: Bhujangasana aka Cobra Pose
Cobra pose it might feel a little intense if you just started practicing asanas. Be mindful, and start with the arms slightly bent
Breathe x 10 times

Exercise 2: Bhekasana Half Frog Pose
Many students over push the feet down towards the butt, which might cause knees injuries, please be careful. And, as my dear Tube’s (subway) friend might say
“pun intended 😅”
Breath x 5 times each leg, and repeat daily x 5  times.

Exercise 3: Supta Virasana aka Hero Pose
My absolute favorite pelvic floor opener, you can even watch the telly from here
Once again ⚠️ MIND THE KNEES
Breath deeply x 10 times

Exercise 4:  Anjanayasana aka Low Lunge Pose
Take the leg behind as close as you can to your butt, but don’t push too much too soon.
Breath x 5 times, and 5 rounds each leg