How to fold properly

First thing first, forget your egoistic goals to touch the toes or reach the legs with the forehead.

Forcing the body to a shape that isn’t ready yet might cause injuries and frustration which we don’t want.

We want a happy and healthy yoga practice.

Here is a guide of don’ts and dos during a forward fold.

➡️ Don’ts:

Domed distressed spine
Crunched neck
Belly out
Bodyweight on the heels
Armpits showing
Ears to shoulders
Hips pulling backwards

➡️ Dos

Long straight spine
Relaxed neck
Belly in
Bodyweight shifted forward
Ears far from the shoulders
Hips pulling upwards

➡️ Instead do:

Keep the knees bent
Long spine and neck
Belly in
Ribcage glued to the thighs
Weight evenly distributed on the feet
Hips over heels
Broad shoulders