Hi guys,

Today’s tutorial is designed to OVER stretch the shoulders.

Since we moved to the suburbs, I had to switch from Shala practice to home practice, and sometimes, I miss my teacher’s extra push.

Here, a little hack I use to improve my hollowback with the help of ankle weights, which in this case can be called wrists weights.

Light Ankle Weights

Exercise 1:
Interlace the fingers and with an inhale take the arms overhead
– Exhale: keep the arms straight, sink the arm down and push backward. Tilt the hips (like a peacock, picture yourself feathering your plumage) and curl the spine. Belly in. strong legs.
– Inhale: flatten the lower back engaging the cores, belly in, arms up
Repeat x 10 times

Exercise 2:
Over-extension of the arms backward
-Chin to chest
– Arms straight pushing backward and down
Breathe x 10 times