Hi Guys,

Today we are talking about the importance of counterposing and cool down after an intense backbend practice.

Warming up helps prepare your body for bending, while counterposes allow the gradual recovery of your spine and regulate the blood flow on the areas needed.

We are all well aware of the importance of warming up properly, but often I see students taking the rest and cooldown as not seriously as it should be.

Here a series of exercises I love to perform after an intense backbend practice.

Exercise 1
Balasana Child’s pose
Recenter mind and body
Breathe x 20 Times

Exercise 2
Any forward fold of your choice
It doesn’t have to be deep, so don’t push it.
Rebalance the spine
Breathe x 20 Times

Exercise 3
Malasana – Garland Pose
This might feel really intense at first, just breath through
Stretches the lower back
Breathe x 15 Times

Exercise 4
Any arm balance of your choice
Spine and core connection
Breathe x 5 Times