Picture 1️⃣ and 2️⃣ on tippy toes:

1) Start with your shoulders perpendicular to the elbows
2) Grab the legs of a chair, or your Feetup trainer
3) Either press to Pincha, or kick gently to Pincha
4) Slowly lower down your feet till you reach your prop
5) Take a few long breaths, to calm down. Sometimes, can be emotional take this kind of shape, so take your time, and keep breathing
6) Once you are ready, shift the gaze and look right in front of you.
7) Ground your elbows to the floor, and gently move your body weight forward, push from the chest, not from the lower back
Breath here 5 to 10 times

Picture 2️⃣
1) Shift the gaze backward. The burning sensation can be quite intense here, don’t push yourself. 5 long deep breaths are enough

Picture 3️⃣ with heels down 👇🏻
That is certainly intense, and shouldn’t be practice till your body is ready
As always be mindful, and don’t push yourself
Breathe here 5 to 10 times

As always after Backbending remember to take 10 to 20 breaths in a forward fold of your choice