Since I was a kid, I have been suffering tremendous stomach pains. At first, it was because I had unknown food allergies (gluten, dairy, etc..) then because eating disorders. Most of the time, I try to not take medication, and distress my stomach through simple stretches. But, be aware YOGA CAN’T REPLACE DOCTORS 😉

Exercise 1: Backbend
stretches the stomach muscles, and even though it might feel too intense at first, after few minutes, you will feel the incredible benefits

Exercise 2: Gentle twist
Increases the blood flow to the digestive system, and have detox properties
Remember, this is not an asana practice, don’t push yourself, and breath deeply
Swing from side to side a few times

Exercise 3: Hero pose, Suptavirasana
This is my favorite during my period, and it helps to release uncomfortable gases from the intestine

Exercise 4: Intense twist. Bharadvajasana
Ideal if you suffer gastritis
Personally, more than once, I ended up crying after releasing the pose. Don’t worry if it happens, it’s normal. Gastritis might be caused by stress, and once the stress is released, through the twist, the emotions could come up