Hi Guys,
Today’s tutorial is one of my feeling good poses. Twist, turn, shoulders stretch, hip opener, and wrist strengthener… what else to ask from a pose?

Yogi Dandasana is an advanced asana and might require years of practice, so be ready for a long and steady run. You can’t jump in immediately, you might risk hurting your knees, hips and shoulders. Just repeat the exercises here and I am sure you will have amazing progress.

Exercises 1
Baddha Konasana – Butterfly pose
A great hip opener, but be careful at your knees
You can practice any variation for as long as 10 breath
As a former dancer I love to add little pulses at my butterfly pose, but please don’t tell to the Yoga Police

Exercise 2
Rock the Baby
Rock the leg one side to the other 10 times each leg
Core engaged, and a long and straight spine

Exercises 3
Agnistambhasana – firelog pose
This might feel impossible at first, it requires knees and hips flexibility but, it will be your best ally on your journey to Yogi Dandasana
Core engaged, and a long straight spine
For an extra challenge add a little forward fold
Each side 10 Breath

Exercise 4
“Hello, is it me your looking for?” Lionel Richie pose
Jokes apart Foot to ear is a fantastic hip opener, and also will make you feel the leg outer rotation necessary to perform Yogi Dandasana
Each side for 10 breath