When I first started practicing Ashtanga Yoga, and I came to know Tittibhasana, I thought “I will never be able to do that, is too difficult, my legs are too fat, my hips too stiff, I am not strong enough…”

Then, I showed up on my mat, I was a bit stronger a bit more flexible every day, and as always, my practice proved me wrong.

If you have patience and follow the method one day you will realize YOU CAN DO THIS!

Tittibhasana Evolution:

1. Kurmasana – improves the flexibility necessary to place your legs behind your shoulders
2. Bhujapidasana – teaches you to balance on your hands
3. Tittibhasana with bent arms – makes your wrists stronger
4. Straddle press – first step to put all the pieces together
5. Titthibasana A – Time to fly
6. Baby Firefly pose – this is a bonus, actually is much harder than you think, but if you have a wrists injury, it will definitely come handy.