Today I will be sharing a topic very dear to me.

Active Stretch vs. passive stretch

Stretching might be a good thing but over-stretching might cause negative chronic effects.

Difference between passive and active stretching
Passive: when a force is applied to a joint to move without contraction (using straps, wall, wheel, etc…)
Active: when the muscle moves actively through a contraction for example.

Here I am shoving a PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) technique called contract-relax stretching.

By using active stretching there are several advantages like bring blood and nutrition to the muscles without risking to deform them. Think of an elastic band, if you keep stretching it sooner or later it will lose its elasticity.

How to deepen split pose with PNF:

Step 1. From the split pose, contract all the muscles, quads, hamstrings, glutes, tippy toes, core…  and try to reach the sky with the arms. Stay here 5 breaths.

Step 2. Exhale and release. Relax into the pose. Observe the blood flow running through your legs. Feel the fire and let go of all the tension.

Repeat x 5 times no blocks, 5 times with one block and 5 times with two blocks