Pincha Scorpion is a pretty little beast, so beautiful and yet so hard to get.
As always there isn’t a secret sauce, it requires lots of practice, and endless failures before you will be able to get there.
However, if you apply yourself you will get closer to the full pose one practice at the time.
Here, I am showing you, an exercise it really helped me in my Pincha Scorpion journey.

1. Place a chair, a couch, a stool, etc… in front of you
You can either enter the pose from kicking up, pressing up or from forearm wheel pose, it is totally up to you
Place your feet on the chair
Press the forearm and hands firmly on the mat
Try to look at your feet
Keep breathing

2. From the previous pose
Shift the gaze forward, and try to hollowback to reach your feet with your butt
This might feel extremely intense at first, however, it is super effective to improve the lower back and shoulders flexibility
Keep breathing
Repeat the movement, 10 to 20 times a day