How to prepare for Ustrasana

Camel pose is a deep backbend and it can feel challenging at first. My best advice, don’t feel intimidated and work consistently at the pose.

Here a map of poses designed to help you in your journey to Ustrasana

Sit on your heels

1) Puff up the chest, shift the gaze backwards, engage the core and press the hands into the feet

2) From a knee position please a yoga block between the legs
Puff up the chest, belly in, support the lower back with the hands, push the hips slightly forwards and shift the gaze backwards

3) Same as above but without the block between the legs. Try to remember the feeling of having the block while performing the pose without.

4) Camel pose supported by blocks in 3rd position
Hips slightly forward, chest puffed up, gaze backwards and image to squeeze a ball between the legs

5) Same as above but with the blocks in 2nd position

6) When you feel ready try camel pose

Hold each pose 5 to 8 breaths and try to practice them frequently.