Pincha Hollowback

Tilting the hips and curling the back to create a hollowback shape are complex movements that require lots of body awareness and mobility.

Before attempting the shape upside down, I strongly suggest starting with your feet down. There are many prep poses and here I show how I do my warmup.

1 Puppy pose using yoga blocks (position 1) underneath the elbows and arms.
Instead of keeping the arms extended forward, bend the elbows (Pincha arms position)
Press the chest to the floor
Look forward
Chin on the mat or if you have enough flexibility off the mat
Tilt of the hips
Fully extend the legs and for an extra challenge place the blocks in position 2
Breathe here for at least 2 minutes

2 If the position above is too challenging try with the knees on the floor

3 Puppy pose at the wall placing yoga blocks underneath the forearm.
This specific exercise is great to open the chest.
Look up if you can
Breathe here for at least 2 minutes

4 Pincha Hollowback using the wall.
Usually, I don’t teach inversions by giving them back to the wall. However, here we are using the wall to deepen the hollowback and sink the hips even lower. So go for it.
Breath here for about 1 minute