How to enter Parsva Dandasana

This is not an easy asana, and to be able to perform it you should already have a comfortable Leg behind the head pose.

However, you can try the following 8 steps one by one and see where you are today.

Step 1 Compass pose breathe here for 5 to 10

Step 2 Place the extended leg behind the back. Stay here a few seconds and breath deeply

Step 3 Bend and hug the opposite leg. Calm the breath

Step 4 Place the hands on the floor in front of you. Shift the bodyweight forward and lift the butt.

Step 5 Twist the body to the side. Place the thigh on the tricep of the opposite arm.

Step 6 Bend the arms forming a tripod shape, shift the bodyweight forward and come on your tippy-toes. Find the balance here before continuing.

Step 7 Lift up the leg on the floor, calm the nerves

Step 8 Inhale and at the next exhale extent the leg and breath here a few breathes.
Try to look forward