Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana is a challenging deep backbend, and it might take years to master. In the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, it comes only on the third series. Remember, every time we morph our human body, into an animal form it might become physically, and emotionally traumatic. Be mindful, and listen to your body.

Here a step by step guide that will help you in your journey to King Pigeon Pose.

Step 1
Half Pigeon Pose
Squared hips
Belly in
Long spine
Push the chest forward
Sink in

Step 2
Take the back foot from the outer side of the foot
Extend fully the arm backwards
Rotate the shoulder outward

Step 3
Bend the elbow of the arm behind your back
Push the elbow outward, rotation of the shoulder cuff

Step 4
Complete the rotation
Now, the arm is beside your head

Step 5
Take the other arm back
If you can reach the foot, grab the other arm, and start walking down the hand
Now both arms are on the side of your head

Step 6
Shift the gaze backwards
Bend deeply
Heel to the forehead
Arms squeezed together