Padangustha Dhanurasana

Step 1️⃣ Sphinx pose. Breathe at least 10 times. Important: forearms parallel, elbows firmly planted on the mat, shoulders pushed down, and long neck
Step 2️⃣ from the previous asana, extend the arms to enter Cobra pose. Always long neck, and shoulders far away from the ears. Breathe 10 times
Step 3️⃣ Enter Dhanurasana pose, push your body weight backward and allow to your rib cage to open. Breathe 5 times
Step 4️⃣ Rotate the elbows inward, both arms simultaneously, it is very important to do each movement contemporaneously. Never do one arm at the time; it might create an imbalance in your upper back
Step 5️⃣ Flip the grip, BOTH ARMS SYNCHRONOUSLY
Step 6️⃣ walk the hands toward the ankles and push both legs backward
Step 7️⃣ extend completely the arm, legs, and shift the gaze to the feet. Breathe 5 times
Step 8️⃣ Bring the feet toward the face. Breathe five times
Step 9️⃣ Be sure to take at least 15 breath in any forward fold of your choice, in Yoga each asana, should be followed by a counterpart to keep a harmonious balance.