For many of us, home practice is the only way we can practice Yoga
Yoga studios can be quite expensive, and sometimes we don’t have one nearby. For example, the closest Ashtanga Shala I have, it’s about an hour and a half away from where I live.

Home practice is absolutely fine, and I love it but isn’t easy. Because, we practice on our own, and we don’t have a teacher adjusting our alignments it might happen that we are wrongly positioned.

A great tool to spot our mistakes can be filming our practice and watch the video afterward.

Personally, I do it often, and, I discovered I had quite a few missed alignments, and I have corrected them.

Home practice DIY adjustments:

If your downward facing dog looks like the top picture on your left-hand side
Try to: INHALE
Gaze between the hands 👐🏻
Push the tailbone up👆🏻
Elongate the spine, really stretched
Long relaxed neck
Rotate the shoulders back and push them away from the ears
Rotate the arms outward
Press the knuckles on the mat. Especially the index finger ones
Belly sucked in
Straight or slightly bend legs, as long as the heels are planted on the mat


▶️ Shift the gaze to the navel ▶️ Press the floor away

And breathe five times