Baddha Hasta Sirsasana

Shoulders and elbows in a perpendicular line, the elbows keep pulling towards each other
Shoulders griddle locked in place
Long neck
Body weight mostly on the the forearms
Only the crown head on the floor
Strong core, belly in
Squeeze the gluteus
Legs together and engaged
Toes pointed aiming for the sky

Elbow open like a butterfly
Shoulders griddle elevated or depression
Short fatigued neck
Body weight on the head
Belly out
Flappy gluts and legs and toes

Mukta Hasta Sirsasana

Hands facing forward
Elbows pulling towards each other
Create a strong box between the hands, forearms, arms and the floor
The elbows are closer than you think
Everything else as above

Hands facing laterally
Elbows open and spread to the side
Avoid a trapezoidal arm’s shape
Everything else as above