Hi guys,

Today I am showing the different stages of Chinstand.

Beginners stage:
As beginners, I don’t mean Yoga beginner, but chin stands practitioner beginner. In fact, chin and chest stands are really challenging and I don’t recommend them to absolute beginners. Neck injuries can be nasty.
Using yoga blocks underneath the shoulders will help to reduce the weight on the chin, and distribute it more evenly.

Intermediate stage:
No blocks
At first, it might feel intense, especially in the chest and upper back area, however, with practice you will find bit by bit the ease we want to feel on chin stand.
The body weight is distributed evenly between the hands and chin.

Advanced stage:
A yoga block or more blocks underneath the chin
This technique is used in contortion to improve the neck overextension and deepen the pose.
Chin on the block, chest on the floor and body weight distributed evenly between the three-point of contact.