Hi guys,

Today’s tutorial is all about chair pose, Utkatasana in Sanskrit.

We will explore 6 different variations and the benefits that which one bring to the classic Chair pose.


1 One-legged Chair Pose: also improves balance, concentration and open the hip
2 Swan Tippy Toes Chair Pose: also strengthen the feet, improve the balance and concentration
3 Chair Pose Twist: or Parivrtta Utkatasana, strengthens the mid- and low back and increases flexibility throughout the spine. It also tones the internal organs, including the kidneys and digestive organs. This helps with detoxification, which improves your overall health
4 Chair pose or Utkatasana strengthens the thighs and ankles while toning the shoulders, butt, hips, and back. It stretches the Achilles tendons and shins and is known to be therapeutic for flat feet. Utkatasana also stretches the shoulders and opens the chest. It tones your digestive organs and heart.
5 Compass Revolved Chair pose: the same benefits of the one above, but also improve the balance and it is more intense
6 Ladylike or eagle Chair pose: Opens shoulder joints, creating space between the shoulder blades. Opens the hips and IT band. Increases circulation to all joints, Improves digestion, balance and focus.