Step 1: Get comfortable in Downward facing dog
Step 2: Inhale, Jump to Bakasana, or alternatively step toward your hands, and get into crane pose
Step 3: Exhale, bend your arms, and slowly descend toward the floor with your head
Step 4: Once the head is on the floor, take a deep calming breath. Sometimes, it might happen to feel a rush of adrenaline. Don’t fight it, just calm the mind. Inhale, and Exhale
Step 5: when the mind is calm, exhale and extend the legs right in front of you
Step 6: Inhale, press the legs up to Tripod Headstand
Step 7: Exhale, and calm the mind
Step 8: Inhale, take the left or right leg slightly backward. Exhale, and bring the opposite leg into half lotus
Step 9: Exhale, fold the other leg into padmasana. Wait till your mind is calm. Inhale, and suck the belly in
Step 10: Exhale, slowly lower the legs. Try to place the knees inside the armpits, alternately on the triceps. Calm the mind
Step 11: Push your body weight backward
Step 12: lift the head from the floor. Don’t rush. It might not happen today, or tomorrow, but it will.
Step 13: Inhale, and fully extend the arms, engage the core, look forward and smile.