Hi, girlfriends,

Today’s beauty tip is as simple as a good run at the park.

Sweat Sweat Sweat…Not passively like during a sauna, but with a good Cardio Workout.

In fact, Cardio training helps to flush toxins from the body, feeding minerals and nutrients to the cells, subsequently helping with the regeneration of skin and cells.

“Apart from our liver, the skin is the biggest detoxifying agent. Sweating removes toxins which not only makes us feel better, it rejuvenates our skin,”

The premise is simple: when we push ourselves to the point of perspiration and that unpleasant shade of tomato red – a result of increased blood flow to the dermis.

Increased circulation carries blood to feed the skin nutrients, hormones and oxygen from the inside, which gives the skin a healthy glow and plump appearance.

So, let’s get all sweaty daily to look healthier and younger.