I am so thrilled to share this SUPER effective, and basically, cost-free “Home Remedy.” FACIAL ICE CUBE THERAPY

An ice cube can soothe pimples, sunburns, and skin inflammation. It reduces redness and swelling and numbs the pain. A face massage with ice cubes can brighten your complexion by boosting circulation.

Ice cubes can also prevent wrinkles by tightening the skin. It’ll also create a smoother surface for makeup.

What you need:
Water in ice cubes form

How to use it:
Wash your face thoroughly
Dry the face with a fluffy towel
Massage your face with ice cubes for 5 minutes
Keep a rotating motion

Benefits of Applying Ice Cubes On Your Face DAILY:
1. Reduces pimples and inflammation
A pimple is a small injury, after all. Ice can calm redness and swelling
2. Removes sallowness and boost circulation
Fixing dull skin by running an ice cube on your face. The coldness will boost your circulation, helping bring blood and color to your skin
3. Relieves puffy eyes
Any form of cold packs is an amazing remedy for puffy or tired eyes
4. Reduces and delays the appearance of wrinkles
Definitely, delay their appearance by keeping the skin well-hydrated. Ice cubes will give you a quick facial, tightening the skin and keeping moisture locked in.