Hi girls,

This is going to make your hairs so beautiful.

For people with curls, wave, dye hairs, perms, etc… is essential to deep condition at least once a week. Unfortunately, deep conditioner products might be very expensive, and not all of us are willing to spend so much, regularly.

Here a very effective and super easy recipe.

What you need:
Adjust the dosages accordingly with your hair length

4 Tbsp Olive Oil
4 Tbsp Castor Oil
3 Tbsp Aloe vera gel

1- After your regular shampooing and conditioning
2- Apply the mixture from the roots to the tips, lock by lock
3- Massage for at least 5 minutes
4- Wear a thermal cap, or use a hot heat head cap for 30 minutes
5- Rinse thoroughly


Prevents Damage, deep conditioning contributes to reducing breakage and split ends, and it also improves your hair’s health.

Promotes Elasticity, deep conditioning allows you to improve the elasticity of your hair so that you can prevent breakage.

Restores Natural Shine, deep conditioning penetrates the hair shaft and helps to restore the natural shine to the hair.

Helps Color-Treated Hair You can help avoid damage by deep conditioning your hair regularly.

Adds Moisture