Hi girls, you are going to love today’s beauty tip.

This is one of those recipes I learned copying the ingredients present in a body scrub I used to buy many years ago. Basically, I was tired of spending lots of money, for something I could do by myself. Seriously, our pantries have everything we need to look stunning for a little prize.

8 tbsp ground coffee
4 tbsp rock salt (if you have sensitive skin, use table salt)
4 tbsp coconut oil


Absorb dirt, grim, and toxins
Cleanse the pores
Reduce water retention

reduce the appearance of cellulite
Anti-aging B Vitamins
Reduce inflammation
Reduce the dark circles

Coconut oil:
Reduce Inflammation and redness

Step 1: put the three ingredients all together in a small bawl
Step 2: rub vigorously your body with the mixture, and massage for a few minutes
Step 3: if you have time, wrap yourself with foil and keep on the scrub for 30 minutes
Step 4: take a shower and proceed with your regular skincare routine