Hi girls,

Today’s topic is dear to me.
Freezy hairs…

Not only people with curls, or waves suffer this unaesthetic issue, also people with straight hairs. I grew up with my mum which is blonde, with green eyes and not curly at all, and she was completely clueless about my kind of hairs. So did I till I moved to NYC in 2001. Remember, back in the 80s and 90s we didn’t have YouTube or Google.

Here the best 4 tips I learnt in my journey to freeze free hairs.

No. 1 wash your hairs only once a week. If you are very active at least wait five days. Our hairs don’t need to be washed more frequently.

No. 2 Deep conditioning once a week consistently. If you don’t want to spend money on expensive products, you will find an easy and cheap DIY deep conditioner in my beauty tips

No. 3 Wear a pineapple bun rather than a ponytail. This way you won’t lose definition of the curls/waves and also you won’t get a flat top head and fluffy sides… awful awful awful

No. 4 Sleep on a satin pillow or use a satin bonnet. Our hairs, during the night, with the friction of the head with cotton, get charged with Static electricity,  which causes freeziness.