Hi girls,

Today I am going to share with you the ULTIMATE Beauty Tip.
YES, as simple as that.

I have a very busy lifestyle, and for years I THOUGHT I didn’t have time for personal care.
We are very good at taking care of others and get things done, but when it comes to us we are often quite sloppy.

I know, most of the home remedies I share require time, and we think we don’t have enough of it. However, it is needed. Not only to look good but, mostly, to feel good about having taken the time to pamper ourselves.

Yes, we need to let our soul know, that we care enough about us to give to ourselves as much time as we give to others.

Here my UNBREAKABLE beauty schedule:

  • Saturday night I apply products to my hairs (20 mins)
  • Sunday morning, I wash my hair, I do a hot bubble bath followed by a scrab, and a good massage with essential oils (1 hour)
  • Every morning and night the Korean facial routine (10 mins each)
  • Once a month waxing, Mani and Pedi (1 ½ hour)

It doesn’t sound too demanding, doesn’t it?